Improve Your Financial Future, Watch Puppy Videos!

One of the biggest challenges facing Advisors is getting clients or prospects to act.  Oftentimes, it can be an emotional issue like uncertainty, anxiety,doubt, embarrassment, or simply inertia.  While all valid, it’s important the Advisor help clients overcome the hesitancy to take action. 

Earlier this week, I posted a brief video of our new puppy to LinkedIn.  It has over 700 views and counting.  It has more views than all my other posts combined.  That either speaks to the quality of my writing or the power of puppy videos.  I’m praying it’s the latter.  In fact, I’m thinking of posting new puppy videos with all my future articles.  What better clickbait could there be?  You can see the video here: Puppy Video.

Seriously, one of the reasons I founded my firm was to help people succeed financially.  I’ve seen far too many who are held back by high fees and bad advice.  In that vein, I’m offering free access to a powerful new tool I’m using. 

By taking a 5-minute questionnaire, you can receive a Financial Health Score.  It will give you an idea of your current financial situation and areas you may want to address.  Click on the box below:


After you take the quiz, feel free to call with questions.  There are no obligations.  Don’t worry, I won’t pester you with calls or emails.  Let me know what you think.

If you don’t want to take the quiz, I would encourage you to take stock of your current situation anyway.  Far too many people are not properly allocated per their risk profile and time horizon.  Additionally, and I cannot stress this enough, have you assessed whether you are on track with retirement savings? If the answer is no, take action now! Call your Advisor, research online, get a new Advisor if necessary, but take that first step.  Tweaks today will pay dividends down the road, both literally and figuratively.

Some investors have this notion of taking an action in the future to address their financial situation.  While laudable that they are at least thinking about it, it often results in no action taken.  That future action can hang out there on the horizon and keeps get moved out as you get nearer.  The key is to set a concrete date and time to begin your efforts.  Hold yourself accountable and stick to the commitment.

The solution will not be found in one day or one action because it often involves a process.  The key is to begin the process.  Once started, it develops an energy that overcomes inertia and the overhanging anxiety some feel will start to dissipate.   This especially happens when a comprehensive financial plan is completed.  I delivered a completed plan for a client recently and his comment was, “I feel like an adult now.”  I think that speaks to the sense of peace that many feel when the process is over.  (Of course, the plan should always be revisited every couple of years or when some life event has occurred.)

So, whether it’s the quiz provided above, your own efforts, or more puppy videos, just take that first step now. 

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