Who We Serve

I am professionally successful.  I have a busy schedule and prefer to use my free time pursuing my interests.  I want to understand what is happening with my finances, but I do not have the time or inclination to focus on the details of my investment portfolio.  I have an idea of what I want in retirement, but I have not made concrete plans.  I am looking for an experienced professional to partner with to achieve the outcomes I desire.  Trust is paramount. 

We are not satisfied with the service or advice we are getting from our broker/advisor. We want a partner we can rely on.   We know that one of us will pass before the other.  We want the confidence that the spouse with less investment knowledge is supported with education and guidance.  Trust is paramount.

I am overwhelmed.  I recently became divorced/widowed.  I need someone who can help me through a difficult financial and personal time.   I am looking for an experienced professional who can address my concerns and anxiety, and is willing to provide education whenever necessary.    Someone who is patient, empathetic and will listen.  Trust is paramount. 

What We Do


We welcome clients of diverse backgrounds and experience. We believe we can learn from you as much as we can help you. Some of our typical types of clients are people like you, with typical lives, looking for advice.

If one of these scenarios speaks to you, Fiduciam Wealth Planning can certainly help.

What we Do

Fiduciam Wealth Planning is an independent, fee-only, Registered Investment Adviser providing families, individual investors, and business owners with the services they need too successfully achieve or maintain wealth.

Our only compensation is the fee clients pay us for managing their assets. Planning for your financial future can be confusing and paralyzing. Before we begin a business relationship, we will ensure it is mutually beneficial for all parties. If our services are not appropriate or do not meet your needs, we will try to provide access to other professionals.

What we Do


Hassle-free, no compromise.